UnderCover Elite Truck Lids


Product Features
Light Weight The UnderCover Elite is constructed from rugged ABS that weighs around 70 lbs for most trucks, making it the lightest one-piece, hard tonneau in town.
Durable The UnderCover Elite has the patented X-Effect support structure for strength, durability and weight savings.
One Key Locking The UnderCover Elite features BOLT Lock technology that pairs with your ignition key so only one key is needed for all your truck uses.
Easy Clamp-On Installation Thne UnderCover Elite r clamps painlessly to your bed rails in under 30 minutes. Plus, it pops off just as fast and stores out of the way with the included wall mount hardware.
Additional Features The UnderCover Elite comes with an LED light that’s 3x brighter than the original and a cargo-retrieval tool that helps to reach cargo at the front of your truck bed.


UnderCover Elite Truck Lids
The Elite is a one-piece lockable truck lid equipped with an LED lighting system, Cargo Retriever, and integrated handle for added convenience.

Clamp On Install
The UnderCover Elite tonneau cover comes completely assembled and can be quickly installed on your pickup. It can be easily installed with built- in clamps. Each products comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions.


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