Advantage HardHat Truck Bed Covers


Advantage HardHat Features
Easy Bed Access A tri-fold design means you can fold back the panels and strap them down for larger cargo.
Hard UnderSide Advantage HardHat gives the look of a soft cover but has hard panels underneath.
Added Functionality Support light loads, but with the strength to rest your belongings on top of your cover to put items into your truck bed.
Easy to Operate With a patented latch design, allows you to quickly and easily fold the cover back or remove it completely.
Simple to Install Comes completely assembled, just line it up on the bed and clamp it down.
Hard Hat has a soft to the touch, vinyl exterior with a specially designed hardcore interior for maximum security. The tri-fold design allows the cover to be removed in less than a minute and comes assembled, no tools or removal of factory parts required.


HardHat Truck Bed Covers
A hard folding cover that comes completely assembled and installs in less than a minute without an special tools or drilling.┬áNo Tool – Clamp on Install
The Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover can be installed on your pickup in minutes. It has an easy clamp on installation. Each product comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions.

Install Guide


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