Nerf Bars Vs Running Boards

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The terms Nerf bars and running boards might appear similar to the people who have just started driving or are learning about car accessories. Although both the accessories have the same function, there are notable differences between the two. To understand the differences in detail, read this article about nerf bar vs running board.

Nerf Bar:

Nerf BarsThese bars are also known by other names such as side bars, step bars and side steps. It is vital to be aware of these names so that you are not confused reading a new term. The primary function of the Nerf bar is to provide a stepping surface in the vehicle, which is similar to running boards. Nerf bars are most commonly used on trucks and SUVs. As these bars add a good aesthetic, some people also like to use it for their compact SUVs and other smaller vehicles.

Design and specifications of Nerf Bar:

  • The bars are usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel. There are other variants of bars that are made from aluminum.
  • These bars are usually available in oval or round shapes.
  • There is a step pad provided on the top of some bars. Also, some companies provide the hoop steps to give a step down closer to the ground.
  • Nerf bars generally have an individual step bar for each door on the vehicle.
  • It is designed to mount low on the vehicle so that there is less ground clearance.
  • Side bars are narrower as compared to the running boards.

Running Board:

Running BoardAs mentioned above, running boards are also used to provide a stepping surface for the vehicles. These boards are broad and flat as compared to the Nerf bars. Due to their versatile design and specifications, these boards are useful for every type of vehicle right from a pickup truck to crossovers.

Design and specifications of Running Board:

  • Running boards made from steel, fiberglass, aluminum or plastic.
  • The running board runs the length of the vehicle or long enough to provide a stepping surface for the car.
  • It drops down about three inches from the vehicle’s pinch weld that makes it easy to enter and exit the car.
  • Some companies offer models in electric running boards too.
  • The board is usually four inches or more extensive than that.
  • It offers more ground clearance as compared to Nerf bars.

So now as we know that there are differences in both of these car accessories you might wonder which one is the best suitable option for you. Although they differ in specifications, both of them, serve a similar function. To help you decide better for your vehicle, let’s go through the key features that will be beneficial in determining the ideal option for you.

Nerf Bar vs Running Board

Nerf Bar Running Board
These bars offer additional space between the vehicle and its step. The boards offer a flat step for the vehicles.
Nerf bars offer individual step pads that can be customized as per the preferences. Running boards have a flat profile that runs through the full-length of the vehicle.
As it offers a less ground clearances Nerf bars are more suitable for the lifted vehicles. These boards are suitable for lower vehicles as it offers more ground clearance.

Concluding Remarks

There is no major difference when it comes to the price point for Nerf bars and running boards. Nerf bars are more stylish and sleek as compared to the boards. But if you own a lower vehicle or a compact SUV, then a running board will be more suitable for you as it gives more functionality when it comes to ground clearance. However, if you own a pickup truck, you can opt for Nerf bars. Both of these options are essential to make the entry and exit in the vehicle easy. I hope this article helps you to understand all the features and differences between these accessories completely.

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